In this exciting Approach & Landing Adventures, your flight will be handled by the
ATC controller exactly in same manner as to what is being practiced in a real life

A321 commences an Initial Approach
to Nakashibetsu Airpprt

Landing light of A321 is switched on
before entering FINAL

A321 on ILS, but
RWY is not yet in sight 

Approaching MINIMA!
RWY is feebly visible

A321 touched down safely
on RWY08 of Nakashibetsu Airport

SAAB commences an Initial APP to Rishiri Airport. Expecting ARC APP, because the Airport is on the other side of island.

SAAB340B-WT is flying on ARC
with the Mountain on her left side

SAAB340B-WT on Final
for RWY25 of Rishiri Airport

to Tajima Airport. Be cautious for mountainous area during an approach.

When RWY is in sight, adjust rate of descent according to PAPI !

Tajima Airport is surrounded
with the mountains.

About to touch down on RWY01 I

A321 is flying for an ILS APP to RWY09
of Kobe Airport. The Kobe City is
seen on her left side.

Touched down on RWY09. The Akasi
Strait Bridge is seen on far behind

A321 is approaching to New Kitakyushu Airport. The Ube Airport is seen
below on right side


A321 turning to final for most commonly used VOR/DME A approach.

A321 over Threshold for RWY18 !

Touched Down! Spoiler and
Reverse be activated for deceleration !

SAAB340B-WT is making VOR/DME RWY32 approach to the Yakushima

Aligning an aircraft axis to RWY32

Safely landed on RWY32!

On final of ADF approach to the Kikai
Airport. Aligning to RWY07

Follow PAPI and
adjust your rate of descent

Made a Happy Landing on RWY07!

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