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Attention, Please!
All CL vol.1 users who have downloaded the Service Pack 1
before 0400 UTC(GMT), 11 Dec 2005, are kindly
requested to re-download it. There was
an error file in the Service Pack 1,
which was downloadable before
0400 UTC on 11 DEC, 2005.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

(No need to uninstall the previous Service Pack 1,
Just do overwrite install. Thank You!)

[ Classic Liners, Vol.1 ] Service Pack, 1
  With this Service Pack,
  * Boeing 727 & 737 windows in VC will be made more clear.
  * All aircraft in Vol.1 will have the wing views.
  * Simple upload of the route to the INS of 747 is made feasible. With this new feature
     introduced to the INS of AeroSim 747 Series, the route of flight can be uploaded to
     the INS instantaneously by one mouse click.
You'll need to know a password in order to unpack the downloaded file.
A password is described on the last page (P 52) of the Handbook in PDF format.
Be sure to use single byte character and type in exactly as it is when you enter
a password as case sensitive.
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